Chicken eggs

Alrvak Ltd supplies chicken eggs.

We know how important is conformance with the high Standards in trading with Chicken Eggs. Well-tried consistency and only trustful suppliers allow us to meet even the most exacting client.


It is important to note that our best suppliers are coming from Ukraine, where there are located leading egg producers in Europe.


Significant growth in Ukrainian egg production became possible primarily because of the investments into the construction of modern, high-tech poultry farms and complexes. From January to July 2016, Ukraine exported eggs and egg products to more than 30 countries.

Alrvak Ltd  exports to Asian and African countries such as Qatar, Nigeria, Liberia, Syria, Iran.



Shell colour:

Brown or White






43 - 53 gr


53 - 63 gr


63 - 73 gr



Farms: most dynamic and high performance Ukrainian poultry farms.

Grading: proper storage, grading and correct transportation is carried out of all eggs at each step.

Transportation: delivery of the eggs is provided in disinfected and acclimatized trucks according to customers’ specifications.

Quality control: production stages, packaging of eggs and loading are guide with qualified employees.

Eggs White
Eggs Brown
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