About Us

Alrvak Ltd is an exporter of premium food products and one of the leading processors and suppliers of poultry .


One of our major advantages is owning and operating our own manufacturing plants in Ukraine.


Primary activities of the enterprise is cutting and processing of poultry utilizing advanced hi-tech equipment, freezing and packing of a variety of finished and simi-finished poultry products.

All processing stages are equipped with modern and automated equipment made by well known and reliable equipment makers.


Furthermore, Allrvak Ltd is dynamically developing other product segments such as producing and supplying Beef, Pork, Sunflower Oil, Chicken eggs and Wheat.  Although our main strategic partner and source of our superior quality products is in Ukraine, we have other partnerships with other excellent suppliers from Russia, Europe, Middle East and various smaller producers from around the world in order to supply demand from remote areas.


Our team has extensive knowledge of the global finished and semi-finished meat market and are able to uncover opportunities and turn them to our advantage, providing most effective and collaborative conditions and attractive prices. We live by the moto of Attention to details guarantees quality and competitiveness.


Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the process as we coordinate the movement and international delivery of trade products from one side of the globe to the other.


Whether your focus is on special market requirements, delivery, packaging conditions or prices, we will have a solution tailor made to your needs and served with passion. 


Our mission 


To constantly strive to be the best developers and providers of fresh and frozen food products. Provide leadership that is consumer trust based and focused on reliable quality of production with emphasis on technological advantages.


Our values


Responsibility – Offering quality products useful to people with the realization that our activities must coincide with the general interests and requirements of society.


Openness - Our works aim is to establish a long-term, dynamic relationship that benefit society.


Competence – We will fulfill our obligations and exceed your expectations to reward your trust in us and cooperation with us.

Mutual respect - we consider business as part life, therefore, we rejoice in having all parties respect each other and work collabortatively towards our common goal of delivering excellent all round serivce both as a vendor and customer.


Correctness - we admire nobility and honesty and demand it from all our colleagues at Alrvak Ltd in order to construct clear principles of conduct for our employees and business partners.


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